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Kingdomware Technologies® is a services and solutions firm providing custom web, software and technology solutions to operational enterprise problems with measurable value added benefits. Kingdomware hosts its own proprietary Software-as-a-Service (Saas) applications via the Internet providing value added benefits to our national clientele. We also offer turnkey solutions that operate as web applications or networked software or solutions. Some of the value added benefits of our Saas solutions include immediate automated remote access (24 x 7 x 365), support, real time data outputs and report generation, and immediate cost savings (return on investment). Kingdomware takes care of all maintenance and upgrades. Saas offerings are by subscription and perform various functions. Our Saas and turnkey offerings include the following.( applications are Section 508 compliant.)
Web Applications
  • Business Notifier
Business Notifier
Business Notifier is the premiere, easy-to-use, web-based enterprise class solution that includes three different systems including a 1) state of the art, Alert communications System,2) an Incident Manager and 3) a Document Manager. The Business Notifier Solution was specifically designed for daily and emergency use by non-technical users.

The Business Notifier includes a number of different offerings that you can review by visiting the site. It is a state of the art solution that allows you to take care of business from anywhere at anytime. Get the real time information that you need for success and decision making. Our Business Notifier clientele use our solution to alert employees in real time for both emergencies and non-emergencies via different mediums, to track incidents and record progress against these and to store and retrieve documents and more.
  • Information Kiosk
Information Kiosk
The Information Kiosk is a custom turnkey web application designed for non-technical administrators and customized for your organization’s needs. It is a great technological solution to assist non-technical personnel in providing process automation, electronic assistance in different forms, information dissemination, personnel look up and recognition information or any other information desired at your enterprise. Outputs run the gamit but can include real time report generation, electronic confirmations and receipts, completed electronic information (i.e. job applications, supervisor approvals, training course registrations and more) promoting a paperless office environment. Some of our information kiosks are used by upper management to recognize and inform employees, by human resource departments to electronically collect training information, requests and performance appraisal information and by small business outreach organizations to disseminate and collect information electronically to be reused for registration, information dissemination and other purposes.
  • Employee Relations Database (Web Solution)
Employee Relations Database
The Employee Relations Database is a turnkey web application designed for non-technical administrators and can be customized for your organization’s needs. It is a great technological solution to assist non-technical personnel in automated recording, tracking and retrieval allowing you and your agency to gain control over the multitude of employee actions that need to be tracked in relation to each of your employees. The ERD™ is a turnkey solution that is easily customized to meet specific agency needs. It creates a total history of an employee’s actions and responses over multiple years (if needed) that is easy for you to use. Most of our employee relations solutions are used by human resource departments.
  • Indirect Rates
Indirect Rates
This site was developed to help Government Contractors easily calculate their indirect rates and obtain indirect reporting information for both internal management and government review and audit purposes.

This site is designed so that users of QuickBooks, Peachtree, and other accounting products can use their current accounting system's data to produce indirect reports found only in more expensive government contracting accounting systems. Users of other accounting products can use our Custom Spreadsheet to produce their results.
  • Budget Wizard
Indirect Rates
Budget Wizard was developed to help you reach your financial goals. This application will walk you through the four areas (income, savings, fixed expenses, variable expenses) needed to establish a budget and retrieve reports so you can review the results.

If you have never created or have trouble keeping a budget, then this web application is for you.
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